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Q~How long will my tan last?
A~5-7 days- possibly longer depending on how dark you go. 

Q~Can I spray if I am pregnant?
A~Yes it's perfectly safe.

Q~Will I be orange?
A~No, we are extra careful about the solutions we suggest.  We  only use premium sunless solutions.  We know what not to do. 

Q~Can I spray if I already have sunless tanner on my skin.
A~We recommend exfoliating to get the old tan off.  Yes, we can still spray you .

Q~What should I do before my spray tan?
A~You should follow our Pre-Tan instructions. We will guarantee that you will have a flawless tan that will fade smooth.

Q~What should I NOT do after I get a spray tan?
A~Do NOT- soak in a bath, spray perfume directly on skin, use any oils, or apply additional sunless tanner .
Q~How long do I wait before I can shower and use moisturizer?
A~8 hours unless advised differently. Use a good moisturizer daily to help with smooth fading and color retention.

Q~Can I shave after my spray tan?
A~Yes, Use a thick amount of shaving cream and shave lightly.

Q~How far in advance should I book an appointment?
A~Typically 1-2 days before your event is best.

Q~How often can I get sprayed?
A~As often as you need color.  We offer client reward points for each session booked online. Book 5 sessions get a free spray tan.

Q~Can I go in a tanning bed before/after a spray tan.
A~Before is fine if you don't burn.
After is fine also if you don't sweat.

Q~Can I go swimming?
A~Yes- for very short periods of time. We recommend using a waterproof SPF. 

Q~Can I put deodorant on after I get a spray tan?
A~Yes-I recommend a solid or spray only untill the tan has developed into its full color.

Q~How long before I can put on a bra?
A~I recommend at least an hour.